Adult Tennis Experience

Within our adult tennis program, we present an array of classes and initiatives tailored to every proficiency level. Whether you’re starting a new or refining skills, our offerings are designed to suit you. Our skilled coaches provide personalized guidance to elevate your game and achieve your objectives. Group sessions, private instruction, and specialized clinics aim to bolster your abilities, enhance fitness, and impart winning strategies.

Yet, our program is more than honing your tennis prowess. It’s about forging connections and relishing the camaraderie of players who share your ardor for the sport. We foster an environment of enjoyment and support, where you can connect, engage in friendly matches, and partake in competitive as well as social occasions.

Whether you’re striving to excel, make new acquaintances, or simply revel in court moments, our adult tennis program beckons. Join us today to embrace the tennis thrill within a welcoming, all-embracing setting.

Tennis Drills

Tuesday and Wednesday:

Fit Tennis (co-ed intermediate level)
8am – 9:30am


Ladies 2.5 – 3.0
9:30am – 11am


Ladies 3.0 – 4.0
9:30am – 11am


Clinics/ Drills/ Workouts

We offer clinics for all levels led by our experienced coaches using various drills, exercises, and games to help improve your game. You will be challenged on every workout, depending on your level of play.

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Men’s League

Men’s leagues are for competitive players looking to get better and have fun. We have singles and doubles leagues.

  • USTA
  • UTR

Tennis Competitors of Dallas

It is a competitive interclub league played in the Dallas area

  • TCD Women
  • TCD Mixed Doubles
  • Love 50

Cardio Tennis Blast

Get fit, have fun. Cardio Tennis combines tennis drills with high-energy workouts, giving you a dynamic fitness experience on the court.

Doubles Tactics Workshop

Team up for victory. Master the art of doubles play through strategic drills and tactical insights in this interactive workshop.

Social Events & Mix and Match

Throughout the year, we host a variety of social gatherings, fostering a friendly atmosphere for all to relish the sport and forge connections with fellow enthusiasts. Unwind with friendly matches. Join our social sessions for a blend of casual play and socializing, perfect for players of all levels to connect and enjoy tennis.

Tennis Calendar

May 12 - 18
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Sunday, May 12
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Tuesday, May 14
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Saturday, May 18

Thriving on the Tennis Court

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and Omar is one of those. He has the ability to adjust his style to what the player needs at that time, which makes him valuable, and his real-time feedback is reminiscent of John Wooden. We couldn’t have found a better coach. My daughter has been going to him for roughly 10 years. As long as he’s here, we will be here as well.

Net attack drills transformed my game. The focused training honed my net skills and confidence, making me a more formidable player at the net. Thanks to these drills, I’ve gained a strategic edge in matches.

OT Tennis Academy has been an amazing experience for my daughter, Emma. She has taken her tennis to many levels above where she never ever thought she was capable of these past 12 months. Omar has strengthened her both physically and mentally. He has helped her set achievable goals and attain them. He has encouraged her and inspired her to continue working hard. Omar does make her work hard, very hard, but when she sees her outcomes, it becomes motivating to continue. Thank you, Coach Omar!!