Our Story

Originating from Omar’s Academy, OT Tennis, shaping tennis players in Texas since 2016, NTXRC emerged due to the academy’s growth, requiring a dedicated facility. Rooted in a vision for racquet sports, NTXRC integrates the booming disciplines of pickleball and padel, two of the fastest-growing sports globally.

Established, founded, and led by Omar Trevino, whose tennis journey commenced in youth and culminated in becoming Mexico’s National Champion, alongside his pursuit of studies as a D1 University player, OT Tennis Academy stands as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. Today, it symbolizes a beacon of hope for emerging tennis enthusiasts, warmly welcoming hundreds of young talents aged 5 to 18, with a devoted team of USPTA-certified coaches fostering a genuine love for tennis.

Our state-of-the-art racquet complex in Frisco, Texas, offers thrilling sports experiences for all ages. Featuring carefully crafted courts and accredited instructors, our complex transcends being a mere venue, evolving into a community hub that fosters connections and promotes a healthy lifestyle. This exemplifies our dedication to providing diverse sports and recreation opportunities for everyone